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Our Standing Guard Services provide on-site guard patrol, offered both indoors or outdoors, that serves as a visual deterrent to intruders. This service is offered to protect the client, their valuables, and their property.


Pro One Security provides services for events of all sizes, from concerts at large venues to small private events. Our security officers can be armed or unarmed at the request of the client. They can perform such duties as item checks to prevent unauthorized items from entering the premises, weapons checks and pat downs, or simply checking for invitations and/or reception. Our officers will perform ID checks and distribute wristbands when alcohol is being served to ensure 100% compliance with state laws for alcohol consumption.


An affordable per-call service, our On-Call security services will dispatch armed or unarmed officers to the site at any time of the day or night. This 24-hour service can be used for any kind of suspicious activity, break-ins, trespassing, noise complaints, or even for situations in which property rules and regulations have been violated. This service is most commonly contracted for apartment complexes or neighborhoods who are looking to provide security services to their tenants.


Our guard services for business provide on-site guards, indoors or outdoors, who serve as a visual deterrent to thefts. Security officers will utilize client CCTV systems for the monitoring of personnel and/or access control. Pro One currently provides services for a number of large companies such as Costco, the U of A Marriott, Hampton & Hilton hotels.


Mobile Patrol services are offered between the hours of 6pm and 6am for nighttime security. Officers will conduct perimeter checks and can also perform pool/laundry room lock-ups, as well as business door lock-ups. Our Mobile Patrol units come to your location in company marked vehicles, fully-equipped with emergency lighting. This service may be tailored to each client dependending on their security needs.


Our Private Security services are available as personal protection and/or body guards. Provided by tactically trained officers, typically retired military or law enforcement officers, our guards can be armed or unarmed at the client’s request.